“Now You’re Talking! presents “Moving On”

We’ve all experienced those moments in life when we just knew it was time to get up and go seek our fortunes elsewhere. Whether it’s to a new town, a new relationship, a new state of mind. Join our six storytellers as they share stories of “Moving On.” Purchase tickets HERE.

Stories – Sometimes a wild dream comes true

Two and a half years ago, I discovered The Moth on NPR. I instantly fell in love with the art of storytelling, and yearned to tell my own stories. And once I screwed up the courage to get up on a stage, I never looked back. This week, my wildest, seemingly unreachable dream has come true. A story I told is going to be broadcast on The Moth Radio Hour this week. A good friend and mentor told me the best way to get on the show was to stop trying to get on the show, and just concentrate on telling a great story. I love this story about my mother-in-law, Rita, and am overjoyed that through my story, thousands of strangers will get to know her, too.

My storytelling journey over these past two and a half years has taught me a lot. I used to think I was a lazy person. I’m not. I just never found my true passion. Once it became clear that I intend to (and am meant to) dedicate the rest of my life to spreading the joy and power of stories far and wide, I have worked tirelessly to realize this dream. I have never felt more useful, excited – more alive than I do now in my mid-50s. I have a new meaning, a new purpose in life. And it’s exhilarating.

It was my dream from the first time I heard a Moth story on the radio to become that voice on the radio one day. Then I dreamed of starting my own storytelling show on Long Island. That show, “Now You’re Talking!  has sold out large venues and gathered a devoted following over the past year. Now  that I’ve realized those dreams, I am dreaming of so many new storytelling related dreams for 2018 and beyond.

Last night, my husband, my kids and I sat in our driveway, listening to The Moth Radio Hour in my car. I could have listened to it at home, but the magic of storytelling first entered my consciousness through my car speakers, and that was the only way I wanted to listen to my story, the only way that felt right.

Stay tuned. The best is still yet to come.


“Now You’re Talking!” presents “Anticipation”

What lies beyond the bend in the river? What is inside that huge box topped with a bow that your partner left in the living room? What if the alligator pie you’re about to eat doesn’t taste just like chicken? Anticipation can be exciting – and it can be awful. Something is about to happen – but you don’t quite know what. Come join our six storytellers as they share true stories of “Anticipation.”

We are back at the beautiful, 180 seat Merrick Theater for this show. Our storytellers include a Long Island lobster fisherman who found himself unexpectedly in the drink, a bar mitzvah boy trying to avoid the minefield of his divorced parents on his big day, a man whose vow of celibacy after a bad breakup sorely tests his sanity, a mother who learns that her newborn needs major surgery to survive.