Storytelling Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Every company, every brand ambassador, and every employee should be able to articulate the many stories that shape the brand of your organization. Corporate stories can be compelling, dramatic, and heartfelt… but only if they are told skillfully and with purpose.

Tracey is the Director of Marketing for a Top 100 Professional Services firm in New York. Her storytelling workshops for corporations will teach your spokespeople how to shape your company’s story to foster relationships, build trust, and drive revenue.

Personal Storytelling

For generations, information was shared primarily through the tradition of storytelling. While we have more efficient tools these days, the art and intrigue of telling stories lives on.

Stories that capture hearts and imaginations play a role in every part of life — from the family dinner table, to the community event, to the workplace. And everyone has a story to tell. The secret is uncovering the story and learning to craft and share it in a memorable and moving way.


Storytelling has emerged as the single most powerful fundraising and donor engagement tool for nonprofits. Research shows that the purse strings are loosed primarily by the heartstrings. Similarly, foundations can showcase their good works through the power of individual stories.

For many nonprofits, the reasons to give can be complex, and storytelling provides a easy-to-understand “container” for the message. More than that, a compelling and memorable story can significantly impact the level of engagement and the amount of the donation.

Storytelling Workshops for Nonprofits are ideal for your frontline brand ambassadors, including staff, board members and key spokespeople. Tracey can also coach your team on their personal stories and produce a live show to feature your own storytellers.

Read this article Tracey wrote for the Communication Network’s publication, “Change Agent.”

Motivational/Keynote Speaking

Tracey speaks regularly at national business conferences and in front of large audiences telling meaningful stories from her life. Her stories engage, inspire, make you laugh – and offer guidance on how to break through roadblocks. 

Representative keynotes: 

The Power of Storytelling – How Telling Meaningful, Interesting Stories Can Persuade Recruits to Join your Organization, Donors to Get Out Their Checkbooks and Teams to Trust and Follow Your Leaders

The 4 Lessons 30 Years of Sobriety Taught Me About Succeeding in Business and In Life

What I Learned About Leadership from My Best (and Worst) Bosses

The Art of Sitting Still – Finding Meaning in the Small Moments

Personal Coaching

Do you have a personal or business story you want to tell, but don’t know where to start or how to make it more powerful and persuasive? Through one-on-one coaching, I work closely with you to craft a compelling narrative for the boardroom, conference session or the stage.

Tracey offers the following:

· Brainstorming to uncover themes and stories from your life
· Manuscript/story review
· Introducing humor as a persuasive element
· Guidance on stage presence and vocal technique

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