“Now You’re Talking!” Open Mic Night

Do you love listening to true stories from The Moth or This American Life on NPR and thought, “I can do that”?! Well, now is your chance. We are hosting our third “open mic” storytelling night, where anyone and everyone is invited to put your name in the bucket to tell a true, 5-minute story.

Here are the rules: The story must be true, it must be about you, and it should be about a moment in your life that changed you or how you view yourself or the world. Stories can be funny, sad, heartwarming, silly – give us what you’ve got!

If you’d like some light coaching and feedback on a story you’d like to tell before the event, send an email to tsegarra@gmail.com.

And if you’d just like to sit back in the audience and cheer on your friends and neighbors as they share stories from their lives, we need you, too!

See you at the show!